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Armstrong Forever est le premier méta-poster de la série de méta-posters Légendes. Le poster a été vendu par les développeurs du 15 juin 2021 au 20 juillet 2021 au prix de 69,72 $(0) (dédié au 20 juillet 1969, qui peut être représenté par 1969/7/20).[1]


La sortie de cette affiche a été réalisée en collaboration avec la United States Space Force, en l'honneur du lancement du satellite Neil Armstrong le 17 juin par SpaceX.[2]


The official description that belongs to this piece of art is as follows:

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When humans were racing to expand into outer space under Ahr’s influence, the devastation they inflicted upon the planet was so great that it weakened the Earth’s geomagnetic field. The reckless way the planet’s orbit was populated by machines and debris led to distortions in the gravity field. All this culminated in a disastrous slingshot effect for the many satellites orbiting the blue dot, altering their trajectories to loosen the direct gravity pull of the planet and scatter into deep space. Some of these satellites contained valuable data that was lost forever. In 2621, the Council of Peace put a bounty on these ancient artifacts to integrate them into Star Atlas, leading to a hunt for them across the galaxy. One of the most sought-after satellites in history records bears the name of Neil Armstrong, the first human to set foot on the Moon. Initially launched into medium Earth orbit as a cornerstone of the global positioning system (GPS), the satellite had untold additional capabilities that made it more and more valuable as it drifted off into the void.
— Star Atlas - Armstrong Forever[3]

Artist Max Schiller, who is credited with the creation of the art, also posted on his ArtStation page a sketch of the story of the satellite.[2]

Armstrong Forever Story


Holding Armstrong Forever poster during snapshot scheduled for August 25, 2021 will result in following rewards for poster holders (multiple of posters result in multiples of rewards, meaning, for example, that holding 3 Armstrong Forever posters will result in 3 times the rewards):

Ship Rewards[edit]
  • 1x Opal Jet
  • 1x Exclusive White Hot Skin for Opal Jet
Mining Claims Starter Package[edit]
  • 1x Claim Stake - Tier 1
  • 1x Mining Station Power Plant - Tier 1
  • 1x Mining Drill - Tier 1
  • 1x Orbital Space Station with Trading Deck - Tier 1
Access Rewards[edit]
  • 1x Faction Passport
  • 1x Legends Badge
Legends Rewards[edit]
  • 1x Neil Armstrong Uniform Patch
  • 1x Vintage Astronaut Suit
  • 1x Vintage Orbiting Satellite


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