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Welcome to the Star Atlas Wiki! We are glad to see that you're interested in helping out. Editing a wiki can be overwhelming at first with the number of pages that exist and the new writing language (wikicode) to learn, but it won't be long before improving and changing the wiki becomes second nature.


Start with Help:Editing to get up to speed on wiki code and basic markup.


Always include references. This is a wiki, it’s all about referencing things. If you are not sure where the information is coming from, it is best not to add it. If you are 100% convinced and you deem the information important enough to include, then please add a {{Citation needed|date=August 2021}} instead of a reference at the end of the information.


Unless it is a very long sentence, references are always included (in the order they were refrenced) at the end of the sentence, directly behind the period.

How to[edit]

At the bottom of every article there should be references-block included:


If the article contains named references (<ref name="..." />), then the full references need to be included in between the reference-tags. These references can consist of:

  • references to official Star Atlas sources; Example:

<ref name=“Name you found in [[Template:References]] (see below)” />

  • reference to 3rd party content (e.g. interviews, blogs) that are referenced on more than one location; Example:

<ref name="Name you use to reference">[ "Title of the article"]. ''Title of the website''. Retrieved August 2, 2021.</ref>

References that have been defined in full within the article do not need to be included here.

Official references[edit]

As references to official Star Atlas sources are used quite often throughout this wiki, they are maintained in a separate Template: Template:References. All website, Medium and Townhall sources used in this wiki have been defined over there. This saves you the trouble of having to create them from scratch, and simultaneously makes sure they are consistent throughout this wiki.

In order to find the reference you are looking for, go to Template:References and click "View source". Scrolling down through the text will show you the references defined, and most importantly: their name.

Using the name you can insert the reference in the article like this: <ref name="Some name" />

And you can insert the reference source in the references-element near the bottom of the article: {{Template:References|Some name}}


Here is an example where a reference to Atlas Star #4 (an article on the team's Medium blog) is referenced:

This is a nice piece of text, in the middle of the article somewhere. Let's say that it is based on info in Atlas Star #4.<ref name="AS4" />

3rd Party references[edit]

If you want to reference sources outside of the official material, then you will have to create your reference in the article manually.

The retrieval date is the date you checked the reference and got the information used in the article.

File Upload[edit]

Feel free to upload files over here Special:Upload (or use the link the Tools menu).

Before uploading a file, make sure that it hasn't been uploaded already. A full, searchable list of all files can be found here: Special:ListFiles