Orbital Space Station

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Orbital Space Stations are required


Just like Mining installations have adjacent installations powering and protecting their mining claim. Space stations have similar installations that bring major enhancements in the form of decks.

Adding a new deck to a space station enhances the functionality of that space station. Each decks unlocks a specific new feature-set that players can use.[1]

The following decks exist:[1]

  • Trading/Commerce (for storage and trading)
  • Shipyard (for ship manufacturing, repairs, refuelling, configuration and docking)
  • Refinery (for refining raw ore into higher tiers)
  • Hangar (for long term storage of ships)
  • Retail (for crafting and selling components and advanced materials)
  • University(for training and recruiting crew)
  • Cargo (for storing materials and components)
  • Defensive (for building turrets to defend the space station and its inhabitants)

All space stations start out with a Trading Deck[citation needed]

Space stations with commerce decks will be required to connect to the universal marketplace to sell low tier ore and items. Cargo and refinery decks will be needed to access higher tier ore, advanced materials and components requiring physical intergalactic shipping.[1]


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