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POLIS is a dual-purposed governance token:[1]

  • Within the metaverse, POLIS provides the holder with strategic benefits of political domination. Controlling a region of space opens up mechanics of taxation of other players, and the ability to define rules, laws, fines and fees within the micro-metropolis.
  • Externally, POLIS provides holders with true governance rights over long-term development decision making. Opening up the potential for pure decentralization of game development in the years to follow.


The governance token, POLIS, will also play a pivotal role in the decentralized corporations. These micro-metropolises could opt to be largely guided by the voting abilities of the underlying players. The extent to which a player organization wants to utilize that functionality in their decision making is subjective, but the tools are present.[2]


POLIS provides a 33% discount on Land and Crew when purchased from the developers.[3]


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