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A Pilot License is required in order to pilot a ship with two or more crew stations[1]. No matter the number of such ships owned, only one such license is required per account.[2]

Rebirth reward[edit]

This item is part of the Rebirth Rewards and was airdropped to all those eligible on September 2nd.[3]

GAO Airdrop[edit]

During the 16th Townhall Michael announced that all ship owners would get a Pilot License air-droppped to them at some (unspecified) point in the future if they would have ships in their wallet that would require them. After that moment they will be sold like any other NFT.[2]

During the 17th Townhall Michael announced that Pilot and Captain Licenses would be converted to NPCs at some point in the future and that future Pilot and Captain Licenses will be locked and not sellable. Further information was released that they would update the NFTs' metadata to convert them to NPCs [4] </translate>


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