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The ReBirth: Genesis of a Metaverse event consisted out of a sale of 14 NFT's that the company referred to as "open-edition multimedia meta-posters"[1]. The first 13 posters were sold, one-by-one over a period of 13 weeks, starting April 24th, 2021, with the 13th poster being sold July 17th, 2021. The final,14th poster, dubbed "Star Atlas" was airdropped on July 24th to the 4 owners of the full collection, bringing the event to its conclusion.[2]

Multimedia Meta-posters[edit]

The poster NFT's consist out of three components:[1]

  • a piece of high definition digital art, created by various artists hired by the company
  • an AR experience using Facebook's proprietary AR module
  • a custom audioscape, created by various external producers


Each work of art is accompanied by 2 QR-codes, meant to be scanned using a mobile device. One opens an AR experience in Facebook, the other in Instagram. Subsequently pointing the device at the artpiece on (a seperate) screen will bring the static visual art to life in 3 dimensions. Every poster came with a unique AR experience, that was custom made by Shape Immersive.[3]


Besides the AR experience, each art piece came with a unique, original soundtrack created by a small collective of producers. Famous names like BLOND:ISH, Bassjackers and Deadmau5 collaborated with the company to produce a few of these tracks.[4]


Overview of Rebirth Planning strategy



Below is an ordered list of posters with their symbol and a direct link to the marketplace (where they are traded).

Rebirth Posters
# Poster Symbol Total Supply Original Price Solana Explorer Marketplace
1 Discovery of Iris DOI 10,678 $64 DOI Marketplace
2 The Heart of Star Atlas HOSA 6,673 $128 HOSA Marketplace
3 The Convergence War TCW 3,144 $256 TCW Marketplace
4 Short Story of a Lost Astronaut LOST 960 $512 LOST Marketplace
5 B ❤️ P LOVE 739 $1,024 LOVE Marketplace
6 The Assassination of Paizul MRDR 111 $2,048 MRDR Marketplace
7 Paizul Funeral Procession PFP 79 $4,096 PFP Marketplace
8 Ahr Visits Earth AVE 72 $8,192 AVE Marketplace
9 The Last Stand TLS 5 $16,384 TLS Marketplace
10 The Signing of the Peace Treaty SPT 5 $32,768 SPT Marketplace
11 The Peacebringers Archive PBA 5 $65,536 PBA Marketplace
12 Ustur Wod.bod UWB 4 $131,072 UWB Marketplace
13 Om Photoli OMPH 4 $262,144 OMPH Marketplace
14 Star Atlas STAR 4 N/A STAR Marketplace


Ownership of a specific set of Rebirth posters before the snapshot (August 25, 2021) will result in rewards being airdropped into your account.[5]

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Open Sea[edit]

Originally the company anticipated a sale exclusively on OpenSea, but in the end the posters were sold both on Ethereum's OpenSea as well as Solana's Serum DEX.[6][1]

After the first 5 posters were sold however, the company noticed that close to 99% of their posters were sold on the Solana chain, causing them to stop offering the remainder of the posters on OpenSea.[citation needed]


Since the game operates on the Solana chain, the posters purchased on OpenSea had to be transferred over to that chain instead. In order to accomplish this the team relied on the so-called Wormhole bridge that had been built by the Solana team.[5]


The sale of the first 3 Rebirth posters created revenue in the neighborhood of $750,000 per poster.[7] During the 9th Townhall, Michael mentioned that they sold 4 complete sets of posters, at a modest discount, prior to the official launch to their parties with, generating close to another $2 million in revenue.[8] Based on final sales numbers published in The Atlas Star #4, using prices of each of the posters, the estimated revenue from the poster sale reached $6.7 million.[2]


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