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<translate> Over 120 individual designs of ships (also known as spaceships) will exist in the Star Atlas metaverse. These ships are being produced by at least 9 different manufactures.[1]

The ships are used by players and NPC’s to explore the deep reaches of space, transport precious materials, run missions, perform in combat, and many other activities. Each ship has components and modules that can be switched and upgraded and additionally requires a crew to operate.[2]

Additionally, there are skins that can be applied to a ship to change its appearance.[3]

Released ships[edit]

The first 9 ships were airdropped September 2nd[4] to all wallets that were eligible for (some of) the Rebirth rewards.

The first public sale of ships started September 7th, when the team added their initial supply for 5 of these ships to the marketplace. Two days later, on September 9th, they added the additional 4 Rebirth-ships, completing their sale of the ships that were airdropped a week before.[5]

On September 4th the team released a brochure detailing the full line-up of the 27 ships that would be coming to the mini-game.[6]. Ships are planned to be released over the coming weeks.[5]

Purchasing ships[edit]

Ships are both sold by the team to help fund the development of Star Atlas, and by players reselling ships, they acquired previously. In the future players will be able to construct their own ships and sell them on the Galactic Marketplace.[2]

Ships, components, crew and skins are all NFT’s.[2]

To purchase a ship, visit the Galactic Marketplace.

Renting ships[edit]

Players will be able to rent out ships to other players in the future, in a way that allows the borrower to set game-related restrictions}. It’s not yet clear what these might be, except that it will be possible to restrict access to the High-Risk Zone (deep space).[citation needed]

Production state[edit]

The "mini-game" will be launching with 27 different ships whereas the full-game will one day have at least 120 ships people can add to their fleet.[1][7][8]

Progress on the development of the different ships varies, the following categories are used on this wiki to describe their current state:

  • Announced - Mentioned by the developers, no work has yet been performed / Concept art was shared
  • Airdropped - Some users received this ship as part of a promotion / event
  • Released - The ship's full initial supply was sold by the team
  • Showroom ready - Development is done and the ship can be seen in the 3D Showroom module*

*) This state won't be reached until the UE5 Showroom module has been released.

Ship sizes[edit]

Ships come in various sizes, that have been split by the team, based on length, into several categories. Each category determines the range of crew slots available. Based on this number a different license might be required in order to be able to use the ship in-game.[citation needed]

Below you can find an overview of these categories and the license required to use ships within that category:

Ship Sizes
Category Size Range License required
XX-Small 4-6 meters none
X-Small 8-12 meters Pilot License
Small 18-28 meters Pilot License
Medium 32-50 meters Captain's License
Large 60-130 meters Captain's License
Capital 200-400 meters Captain's License
Commander 500-800 meters Captain's License
Titan 1200 - 5000 meters Captain's License
Mothership 5000+ meters <no data>

Ship rarity[edit]

Ships come with various rarity-categories assigned[7]. Below you can find a list of them and their current supply range*.

*) This range is based on ship supplies as of October 8th

NFT Rarity
Rarity Supply
Common 128,528 - 129,592
Uncommon 18,805 - 34,120
Rare 1,233 - 2,221
Epic 772
Legendary 235 - 729
Anomaly <no data yet>



Below you can find an overview of all ships and their release info.

Ship Sizes
Name Manufacturer Size Role Rarity First sold Initial price MSRP
Jet Opal xx-small racer common Sept 7, 2021 20 USDC 20.00 USDC
X5 Pearce x-small fighter uncommon Sept 7, 2021 135 USDC 140.48 USDC
Opod VZUS medium data runner rare Sept 7, 2021 1500 USDC 1666.67 USDC
Compact Hero Calico medium multi-role rare Sept 7, 2021 3520 USDC 3786.67 USDC
Thripid Ogrika large fighter legendary Sept 9, 2021 8170 USDC 8506.43 USDC
X4 Pearce xx-small fighter common Sept 9, 2021 20 USDC 22.65 USDC
JetJet Opal x-small racer uncommon Sept 9, 2021 300 USDC 308.89 USDC
BYOS Packlite Fimbul medium freight rare Sept 9, 2021 3360 USDC 3513.13 USDC
Guardian Calico capital multi-role legendary Sept 9, 2021 29985 USDC 30883.91 USDC
Ambwe VZUS small bounty hunter rare Oct 7, 2021 1200 USDC

1200.00 USDC

F4 Pearce medium fighter rare Oct 7, 2021 2500 USDC 2840.91 USDC
ECOS Greenader Fimbul large bomber epic Oct 7, 2021 8200 USDC 8594.00 USDC
Om Rainbow medium freight epic Oct 7, 2021 2400 USDC

2400.00 USDC

R8 Pearce large repair/refuel epic Oct 7, 2021 10080 USDC

10080.00 USDC

C9 Pearce capital fighter legendary Oct 7, 2021 28900 USDC

28900.00 USDC


Below you can find an overview of all unreleased ships (that have been announced):

Ship Sizes
Name Manufacturer Size Role Rarity
X6 Pearce small fighter rare
BYOS Earp Fimbul small fighter rare
Feist Tufa small fighter epic
Chi Rainbow small fighter epic
Evac Calico medium rescue uncommon
Jod Asteris Ogrika capital transport legendary
ECOS Bombarella Fimbul capital bomber legendary
C11 Pearce commander fighter legendary
ECOS Treearrow Fimbul commander bomber anomaly
T1 Pearce titan fighter anomaly
ECOS Superphoenix Fimbul titan bomber anomaly
The Last Stand mk. VIII Busan titan fighter anomaly


Some of the (bigger) ships contain one or more modules that can be replaced by different ones, altering the functionality (role) of the ship.

List of Modules[edit]

The below list of components is not definitive and highly subject to change:[9]

  • Repair
  • Salvage
  • Medbay
  • Mess Hall
  • Cargo
  • Theater
  • Art Gallery
  • Fuel
  • Data Rack
  • Smuggle Cargo
  • Scanner
  • Explorer Drones
  • Rescue Drones
  • Salvage Drones
  • Fighter Drones
  • Bomb Bay
  • Ammunition
  • Hangar
  • Hydroponics


Every ship has component slots in which various components can be slotted. When you buy a ship, these slots are filled with default components. However, these can be changed and upgraded. The amount and type of component slots present depend on the ship in question.

List of Components[edit]

The below list of components is not definitive and highly subject to change:[10]

  • Radar
  • Warp Drive
  • Impulse Engine
  • Power Supply
  • Cooler
  • Shield Generator
  • Weapon Slot
  • Missile Bay
  • Countermeasure Bay
  • Tractor Beam
  • Maneuvering Thruster
  • Hull Plating


TBD </translate>


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