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Tigu is one of the pets that exist in the metaverse. It has the honor of being the first pet ever announced and is expected to become the first pet to be added to the (mini-)game.[citation needed]

Rebirth reward[edit]

Tigu is the only pet that can be obtained during the Rebirth campaign. Collectors who have a complete Rebirth Tier 1 set at the time of the Rebirth snapshot (August 25, 2021) will receive this "space cat".[1][2] Tigu pet NFT's are expected to be dropped to eligible holders September 2nd, 2021.[2]

Community vote[edit]

When the company announced Tigu as one of the possible rewards for the Rebirth Event[3], only its name and perk were known. While the Rebirth event was ongoing, João Lira -one of the team's concept artists- was tasked with creating a number of different design sketches. Afterwards the devs invited the community to choose the option they liked best over two rounds of voting.

The first round was kicked off May 6th, 2021 with an announcement on Twitter where the community got 36 hours to choose the 3 options they liked best, out of a total of 18 different designs.[4]. The top three Tigu felines (options M, I & N) with the most votes were then handed back to João Lira, who then created 12 new options derived from those 3. Another round of voting was initiated, with the winning design being revealed to the community on May 28th, 2021 during the 6th Townhall.[5]


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